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After creating your album, you can choose to save it by creating an account.

Select locations for the photos you added.

You can also enter a description for each photo.

Create Your Online Travel Diary

How do I create an Online Travel Diary with a map?

To preview your online travel album, you don't need to sign up! Just select your travel photos above and press next. In the next step you will be able to select a location for each photo. If there is location data embedded in your photos (most smartphones do this by default), we'll automatically extract the coordinates and look up the name of the location. Otherwise you can enter a location by hand. You can also enter a short caption for your photo and change the travel day.

What exactly is a travel day?

A travel day is a day of your vacation, a day of your holiday. So travel day 1 is the first day of your trip. As with the coordinates, we try to automatically set the travel day based on the date in each photo file.

How do I create a travel map of my trip?

We will automatically create a map of your travel route. You will be able to display your travel map once you saved your album.

How do I save my album?

When you're previewing your travel album, you can proceed to the sign up by pressing the button, which allows you to create an account and will save your travel album. All we need is a username, an email and a password. When the registration was successful, your photos will automatically be uploaded and saved in your account. You will also be able to see your photos on a map. You can then proceed to view your album in your account.

Can I edit my travel diary after saving it?

Yes, all your travel photos and albums will be saved in your account, where you can edit them. You'll be able to add and delete days and change locations and descriptions for each photo.

Can I share my album before saving it?

This won't work, since the preview of your album only exists locally in your browser. If you want to share your travel diary, you'll have to create an account.

Where can I see the map of my photos?

For technical reasons, we only display the travel map with all the locations of your photos after you saved the album. After your travel album has been saved, simply click on the location on the right side of the photo to open the map.